Vanessa & Taylor’s Harry Potter Engagement

This is my favourite stuff to do - anything nerdy! You might recall my Star Wars engagement session from about this time last year, and I was so thrilled when Vanessa and Taylor asked me to do this Harry Potter session!

I LOVE Harry Potter. I had to have my arm twisted to read the first book, but after that you couldn't have convinced me to stop. And then when the movies came out, it was visually stunning and they really did the books justice. I wanted to copy some of the feel and toning of the movies for a few of Vanessa and Taylor's images, especially the ones I was adding some magic to!

These two were so funny and goofing off the whole time, I really enjoyed their session. It's so clear to see how much they love each other, and I was so touched they chose me to bring their vision to life.

Oh, and the engagement book!

Apparently, Taylor created a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt to propose to Vanessa, and the book was the final reward. When you open it, it's cut into a heart on the page of the chapter titled "THE UNBREAKABLE VOW" - I almost melted myself when I saw that. So clever, and incredibly sweet.

Congratulations to both of you, I know your love story is just beginning! <3

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