Star Wars Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – May the 4th

It's Star Wars Day, and for the second year in a row, I'll happily share with you a themed photoshoot, this time featuring TJ and Lindsey as Han Solo and Princess Leia. I'm a pretty big nerd, so this was a field day for me.

This fantastic couple recently eloped to Vegas from Vancouver, complete with the full-package Elvis-hosted wedding. They decided to leave the paperwork for when they got back home though, and decided that it would be fun to have May the 4th as an anniversary date.

I decided to take them out to Burnaby Mountain Park and Simon Fraser University for this shoot, and it was definitely worth the drive from town. The Academic Quadrangle at SFU has been used for many sci-fi movies and TV shows, and you can see why! I think the buildings make a pretty good spaceport.

Of course, Han and Leia's relationship, wouldn't have been the same without the bickering that led to the romance. Lindsey and TJ obliged in staging a couple of those scenes, which was actually pretty hilarious.

They were great sports, and I couldn't have asked for a more fun photoshoot. By the time you read this, it's pretty likely that I'll be at their ceremony, and I wish these two the best - may the force be with them!

If you're in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland area or Victoria, and you want to do a fun cosplay photoshoot, or have a nerdy wedding on the horizon - get in touch!

(Also, a big THANK YOU to Eric and Ben at John Fluevog Shoes, for helping to get me a nice pair of boots for TJ to wear! They were definitely the finishing touch that Han Solo's outfit needed.)

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    1. Thanks so much, Amber! We had fun doing this, I’m just so happy the weather has been cooperative lately. 😉

  1. Hi Dani. My name is Simran and I am an online writer for Daily Hive Vancouver. We would love to feature this couple’s amazing wedding photos for a story since it is May the 4th! Would you mind getting in touch to discuss this further? We would want to also get the couple’s permission too, of course.

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