Mac the Frenchie – Dog Photography on Vancouver Island

Can you even believe this cutie? I couldn't get enough of Mac, even if his manners concerning what's appropriate to put in his mouth weren't quite totally honed yet (he was obsessed with my shoelaces...and I'll admit, it was a pretty fun game).

Mac was only 12 weeks old when I photographed him, and we had to keep him on leash because he hasn't got much in the way of recall yet. Notice though, that all of his photos look leash-free, through the magic of Photoshop. Your puppy can do this too, and I have a bag of tricks to make sure we get the best possible photos, without endangering your new friend. Sometimes that means Photoshop, and sometimes it means setting up my "hidden leash", and as always I have toys, treats and noise makers to keep your pup engaged.


French bulldogs are one of my favourite dog breeds, I used to have a Boston Terrier, so squishy faces just melt my heart. Mac's wrinkles and over-sized ears definitely make for a face just filled with character. And lastly, the best part of any puppy this age...they just can't manage to stay upright at times, so I loved the shots of him rolled out onto the grass. ♥

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