Lucy the Golden Retriever – Dog Photography in Parksville, BC

Lucille (or Lucy) is my mom's oldest dog. She's 15 this year, and has slowed down quite a bit. It was important for me to make time with my mom to take Lucy to the beach this weekend. I wanted to make sure she has some fantastic photos of her senior dog while our schedules worked out, and while beach trips were still a thing Lucy could appreciate.

And appreciate this one, she did.

Mom had told me that the beach was still Lucy's favourite place, and I accepted that, but didn't understand the reality of it until we got there. LUCY LOVES THE BEACH, folks. She pulled my mom to the water with the vigour of a dog 10 years her junior, and romped straight in. After walking with her around the block the last few days, that kind of energy was surprising, and it made me even more glad that we had chosen to take her there.

Lucy happily fetched tennis balls and rocks, which she could dive for and grab from under the water. Balls were returned to us, but rocks had to be "saved" and then rolled on for good measure. Mom decided the rocks weren't really the best idea anymore, at Lucy's age, but Lucy disagreed and kept fetching more rocks that we didn't throw.

Mom put the leash on Lucy finally, and told her it was time to go. Lucy would have none of that, and howled at us in protest. We managed to get her off the beach with some coaxing, but she wasn't done rolling yet.

It's obvious to me now that Lucy's greatest love in life is the beach, and I laughed the entire time taking photos of her - I'm so glad we made the time on Saturday to take her. ♥

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