Linkon – Baby Photography in Victoria

This session is all about firsts! This was Linkon's first photoshoot, he's Mel's first baby, and...confession time...this is my first time ever photographing a baby.

I love when my clients and I have ideas that are in sync, and this was definitely one of those times. Mel wanted something fun (wait until you see the last few shots...), but I wanted to make sure that she also got some classic baby portraits. It was important to me to start with some "safe" shots, where I knew I could deliver what she was looking for.

And now on to "the fun stuff"...

When Mel first approached me about Linkon's session, she mentioned a photography trend with a baby in a milk bath, surrounded by plants and flowers, half submerged in the bath. She wanted to try something different though, as those photos felt more feminine, and she wanted something more fun for her baby boy.

We both contributed props for the bathtub, but I think my favourite version is the Froot Loops and Linkon with his cute bamboo spoon! If you're thinking about doing a milk bath session, I would err on the side of having a couple 4L jugs of milk, and possibly some powdered milk as well. We ended up only using one jug, but it's better to have a spare in case accidents occur. Make sure the bath is premixed, ready and warm enough for the baby, get everything set up first, and then bring him in once you've nailed your exposure.

We ended the session with the cereal, just in case the colours bled into the milk. That didn't happen, so everything went smoothly! The clean up was a little gross (SO MUCH SOGGY CEREAL!), but totally worth the final shots. 🙂

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