Artemis & Tim’s Beacon Hill Park Engagement

This lovely couple made the best of cloudy day with me at Beacon Hill Park. The best part of living on the West Coast is that even in March you can count on sprouting leaves and flowers.

I enjoyed seeing their smiles for each other, and that Tim knew exactly how to make Artemis laugh. They share a love of all things nerdy, so we chatted about video games and anime while we wandered through the park, it's fun to get to know a couple I have a lot in common with!

Luckily they're easy going, because I had easily the most embarrassing moment of my photography career on this shoot. At one point I put my camera bag down on the grass, chatted with them giving some instructions for the shot I was about to take, and backed up...tripping over my bag and falling flat on my back while trying to protect my camera. They were both concerned, but I burst out laughing so hard - that's definitely my way of coping with embarrassment. >_<

Thank you to both Tim and Artemis for a lovely day, I'm looking forward to your wedding this summer!

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